Youth in Revolt

Hello readers! Sorry it’s been forever, but right when I got back from my trip to Mexico I’ve had to study my ass off before finals and this past week I finally have caught up on my rest. Hope everyone’s new year is going great.

My resolution as most other people out there is to go to the gym 3-4 times a week. I usually stick with it but then I go through a dry spell and get lazy, so I’m going to try and stick with it! lol

Has anyone seen Youth in Revolt with Michael Cera? If not you should, it’s a quirky movie about teenage boy wanting to loose his virginity and all the trouble he goes through to be with this one girl he “loves”. I’m a huge Michael Cera fan so if you like him too watch it!



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Odd Shoe Out, or In?

Hope everyone’s holiday break is going great, im in Mexico with my family having a splendid time.

I was looking at some of Alexander Mcqueen’s collections and the shoes were awe striking! I was thinking how do the models walk in these contraptions?! lol  but they sure are amazing works of art.

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The Young Victoria

Emily Blunt is nominated for a Golden Globe for one of my FAVORITE movies The Young Victoria. Her and Rupert Friend did a stunning job and anyone that loves a true love story with a strong female lead must see it! The costumes are beautiful!

Here are some pictures she did for Vanity Fair.

She’s so gorgeous!

These are with Rupert Friend, I just melt every time I see him. He’s so dreamy!

Ahhh ;)

sorry my post have been slow, lost going on this week before winter break. I’ll catch up soon, happy weekend everyone!

XO You’re Fashion Friend :)

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Arts Alive!

So once a month there’s an event called Arts Alive in the area I live in downtown in the shops the stores hang up art made by the local artists in their store and have ordervs  for people to much around looking at the artwork around the store it’s quite nice. My friends and I attend every now and then for a relaxing fun girls night out! (The spiders were the only art that I was aloud to photograph.

Hope everyone had a lovely weeked!


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Madly In Love.

These are from Spring couture 2009, and Fall 2008. John Galliano is just extraordinary! He has the talent and imagination like no other, he’s just amazing. I absolutely LOVE Dior Couture, it would be my dream come true to wear one of these out in an event or just wear one period. Just beautiful.

XO Your Fashion Friend. ;)

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The “Chair Assignment”

For my photography class one of our assignments was to take pictures of a chair in different places. I told my mom if she could drive me around to the beach and then to the bridge and such but apparently my whole family was feeling creative and wanted to join on the adventure.

So that was the chair… now ME!

Getting ready pre- adventure

White Plain long sleeve tee- Gap, Jeans- Forever21, Boots- DSW, Watch- Juicy Couture, Leopard Coat- H&M

Hope you guys had a lovely break!

XO- You’re fashion friend

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SF w/o Camera! :(

Just got back from SF with my mother for an open house at FIDM and their debut fashion show. When my mother and I were already half way there I checked to make sure if she brought the camera, check. Relieved, then she commented how the battery was dead… NOOOO!  So I went to this fun event with out a charged camera not being able to document, so frustrating! But I did buy some new stuff and I’ll be posting it up this week!

Happy turkey break everyone! :)

XO Nicole

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