Barbie’s 50th Anniversary Fashion Show!

Talk about barbie’s exquisite classic clothes with a modern twist on real life models! This collection designed by 50 designers including: Monique Lhuillier, Vera Wang, Michael Kors, Anna Sui, Marchesa, and more. The shoes were designed in the classic barbie pink by Christian Louboutin!!! (Of coarse! haha)   The designs in this collection were completely stunning! They had outfits from the classic barbie in her famous black and white striped pattern, and her elegant ball themed dresses. Those models on that runway should feel honored to be in a historic fashion moment of this year, i know i would feel honored too. (just a tad jealous) ;) I was very excited to hear when they decided to do this show. Barbie was definitely a fashion incon in my eyes and too see this collection i was so overjoyed. Definitely one of the best collections this year! Hopefully we’ll see these around again soon. Maybe on celebrities? We shall see!


                                    ‘Till then,

                                               Your Fashion Friend :)


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