Interview with Aspiring Fashion Photographer Sabrina Banta!


While staying here in San Francisco i decided to interview one of my good friends who’s such a sweet heart Sabrina Banta.( I caught her right as she was ichating her boyfriend and grubbing on some candy lol) Sabrina is from Oahu, Hawaii and like me she came to San Francisco at the Academy of Art University to work on her fashion and photography skills. I sat and chatted with her about where she wants to take her career.

How did you first get involved in photography?

Well i remember my friend getting an SLR and taking pictures with it all the time, and also i took a photo class at my school.

Which genre of photography do you like most and plan on pursuing?

fashion photography is my favorite and plan on pursuing because even though a lot of it’s manipulated you have to believe that the beauty was there to begin with, and is made to look a certain way but still is beautiful because it’s not what you typically see.

Who is your main idol you could wish to work with?

Annie Leibovitz, because she’s able to make fashion photography look real even when it’s not she also makes it look effortless and that’s when its most beautiful.

What is your biggest inspiration right now?

My biggest inspiration is watching people, see what they’re doing the city and the different cultures that are all around is what would be my biggest inspiration right now.

When you’re living back home in Hawaii what are you inspirations?

Hawaii’s lifestyleis completely different it’s laid back, where as SF is more fast pased and people always moving. But Hawaii’s atmosphere inspires me to go out and take pictures because everyday is beautiful.

Where do you see you self being in 5 years?

– I would like to see my self being a well rounded and wordly known person. Hopefully having the opportunity to travel the world and be in different invironments. Also, maybe working for Vogue? and producing pictures that inspire people.

[Sabrina is has a slight obession with Vogue but don’t we all ;) lol]

Aren’t her pictures just amazing! They look straight out of a magazine!

‘Till then,

Your Fashion Friend ;)



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3 responses to “Interview with Aspiring Fashion Photographer Sabrina Banta!

  1. Camera Girl

    oh my! her photos make me go gaga! has she a blog or a flickr by any chance?

    great interview btw :) good luck with the blogging!

  2. leschicfashion

    wow those pictures are so cool! i really like them, shes gonna make it biiig.) loveyougirrrl

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