My AAU Fashion Styling Photo Shoot!

So as an assignment for  my fashion styling class we had to pull a look for a professinal photoshoot! We chose a model from Ford Agency and we got a photographer as well. Our budget from head to toe was $50, no more. Luckily I knew I wanted my look to include some cute jewelry and a little black dress, and I had the dress hanging up in my closet. The look I was going for was a more catalog feel, very young, fresh, and flirty. (I think I accomplished it pretty well) The experience was AMAZING! I loved the chaos, running around, directing the model how to move, the music playing… all AMAZING! I’m happy with the results, I can not wait till my next shoot, and having this as my everyday job. I LOVE IT!!! Hopefully I will be able to post more pictures of other shoots in the future on here so you can follow my work! Give me feedback on what you think, I’d appreciate it very much.

‘Till then,

Your fashion friend ;)



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5 responses to “My AAU Fashion Styling Photo Shoot!

  1. Emily Frey

    did you take the pictures too?

  2. cestlefashion

    we had a professional photographer do it. but i just got her clothes accessories, figured out the hair and make up concept and told her how to move :)

  3. brooke

    hey, i just added you on twitter and found the link to your blog. where are you talking those classes?

    • cestlefashion

      I take them at the Academy of Art University in San francisco. They’re great! I’m currently home and not in the city but i’m taking some online classes.

      xo nicole :)

  4. brooke

    awesome! im majoring in fashion merchandising so its basically the same industry… i was wondering if you have tried or gotten any internships?

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