Night Adventure

So last night one of my good friends came over to my house and we both decided to take some pictures down my street for a bit of fun.

‘Till then,

Your fashion friend.



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4 responses to “Night Adventure

  1. youngfashionista

    heyyyy girly how are you! I absolutely love ur blog ur last posts have been so cute, esp ur grandmother one. I love the pic and your music player is amazing, u have to tell me how to do that on my page plss lol!! Talk to you soon

  2. youngfashionista

    hey did you get a new blog? lol im having a really difficult time figuring out who left me a comment, i thought it was you? lol anyways how are you? whats your full name so i can add you on FB?

    • cestlefashion

      I’ve just been taking a break because I saddly haven’t been inspired by anything. I’m having a dry spell but I’m not sure, I can’t recall if I left you a comment. But I’ve been on tumblr lately… If you wanna check it out.

      -Nicole :)

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