My Daily Essentials

These items are basically my daily essentials. Flora perfume by Gucci is such a great scent for those who love girly fresh flowery scents. My mother and I are in love with it (we have to share lol). When it comes to face make-up I like to use Bare Minerals because it’s really light on your skin and makes it look soft and even. Eye lashes are my thing!  I always want to make them long and curled, they’re my main focus. So I’ve recently tried the Clinique Mascara and I love it! It’s great. Mac blush is also one of my must’s, I like to give my cheeks a little pink glow to them like you just woke up from a nap so that works well. Of coarse washing my face is one of the keys to improve your skin so I use Burts Bee’s because it’s natural and clears my skin. I put my Black Berry up ther because it is one of my daily things, It’s on me most of the time so just had to. lol I like using light transparent Nail Polish because it gives you a nice clean look, nothing to distracting or dramatic. & O.P.I. is great quality nail polish. Last but not least the lips. Of coarse my rosebud salve is on there, like I’ve said in one of my previous posts that it’s the 1 must need item! ha  After I moisturize my lips I add a light pink tinted lipstick, just to give them a cute sweet shimmer.

So I havn’t been blogging much because I’ve recently gone back to school but I will hopefully be posting more once I get back into my schedual.

Please tell me what you think about my posts.

‘Till then,

Your fashion friend :*


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