Shewolf Bliss.

Shakira Vanity Fair

So yesturday I was having one of the worst days at school. I needed sometime to pamper myself, so when I got home I opened up the Ocotber Issue of Vanity Fair and came across the spread with Shakira. I love love love her new single Shewolf/Loba in spanish, it’s pure amazing-ness. I listened to it while shopping online and ordering my new boots. The song has such a great beat to it and always gets me in a joyful mood. Whenever it’s on the radio my friends and I immediatly turn it up and sing a long. (We especially the “Awoo’s”) lol.

So with a little bit of pampering myself and listening to some good tunes my night got better, and talking to one of my best friends on the phone always cheers me up!

In the Library/ work room

In the Library/ work room

Idecided that I needed to start putting some pictures up so you can see what type of style I wear and such. This is what I wore today on one of the many sunny days we’ve been having here in Humboldt County. :) (Please excuse this crappy photography, couldn’t find my darn camera!lol)

‘Till then,

Your fashion friend ;)


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