Sunny Days/ Movie Night.

So the weather has been so amazing lately! I’ve been wearing my summer clothes I havnt been able to wear for a very long time. Plus, which is a big plus, I got my shoes from UO today in the mail! :D I loveee them!

This past weekend has been a very relaxing one. I went to sushi with one of my good friends and hung out at my house for the night, and on saturday I hung out with my family.

My mom and I watched Funny Face with Audrey Hepburn & Valentino: The Last Emperor. Such great movies, both of them! I myself am a HUGE Audrey Hepburn Fan. I’ve loved her movies ever since I was a lil youngin’ ha and Funny Face is definitely in my top 3 of movies.

Valentino: The Last Emperor, Is a documentary on Valentino and on how the works of getting prepared for a season fashion show. It was AMAZING! I am also a huge Valentino fan, his creations are one of a kind and beautifully made. It got me in tune with how being a designer is really hard work from the little things you think don’t matter are huge, something small can make the piece what it is. In the movie you also see the hardwork through out all the years, with it’s ups and downs. I give it 5 stars. You MUST rent it when you get a chance, I’m telling you!

valentino’till then,

Your fashion friend ;)


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