It’s Getting Chilly.. :(

So, I can feel winter’s coming a quite a earlier than usual, even though we’ve been having great weather till this week. I’m not really looking forward to rain storms and 35-50 degree weather! ahh So I’ve been wearing my jackets and tights quite a bit. No complaints on the tights wearing though. lol
’till then,
Your fashion friend :)

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3 responses to “It’s Getting Chilly.. :(

  1. Too bad that it’s Oct 8th and still a killer 96 degrees in Miami. It dropped to 92 degrees at 5:30 when the sun finally started to go down. I spent the entire day at two malls shopping for a photo shoot where they want gauzy white linen feel for a family of three. Try finding that with fall fashion in full effect! Good times!

  2. you`re so cute! i miss you!

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