Homecoming Day#2

So today was Crazy/ Nerd day, and well obv. I picked Nerd Day. lol

nerd`My friend Miller and I in Photo class. Hope you’re enjoying these funny pictures of my dress up days!

So tomorrow’s “Camo Day” and in the town I go to school in, this is what they mean by it…

Yeah, so even though I live where I currently live and this sort of outfit is normal to wear at school and every day life… I kinda refuse to ever wear something like this. Though, I do get graded on dress up days in my leadership class I have to suck it up and do it. They never specified on what type of camo, so at school tomorrow I’ll be wearing another type of camo. Jungle camo: cheetah print. lol I mean it is a type of camoflauge so I can’t be marked down or anything. Love it! lol

’till then,

Your fashion friend ;)


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