Homecoming Day#4/Playlist

So yesutrday I didn’t get the chance to take a picture what I wore for Camo day, but I assure you I did wear my cheetah print. lol Today was Decades day, & for the Seniors our decade was the 60’s.

my girlsComputer lab

So my Recently Playlist has been changing quite a bit and there’s some new and old stuff I have that’s been getting played about 24/7 lol

For example:

-Zero 7


-David Bowie

&laroux-La Roux (isn’t she so beautiful??!)

I recently descovered La Roux, and I love her music! It’s very up beat, and really fun too dance to. I guess these artist’s are on that playlist because I’m in the happy dance music phase lol. I’m a huge 80’s music fan so Bowie & Prince have always been one of my favs, but I recently got into La Roux, and have been loving Zero 7 for a while.

Hope all of you have had a great week! Its homecoming weekend for me so i’ll be spending time with some of my friends, and working on a history paper. ehhh. haha Have a great weekend!

’till then,

Your fashion friend :)



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2 responses to “Homecoming Day#4/Playlist

  1. Hey Hey, great choices. Bowie Prince and La Roux – did you check out MGMT yet? All in the same vein and all absolutely fabulous! xxx

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